Which Wigs Are Most Natural To Wear? 

You probably have an outing, a date, playing dress-up, or you are going to work; whatever your reason is, this article will help you choose the most natural-looking wigs to wear any day, anytime. 

Human hair wig vs. synthetic wig 

There are two main types of wigs to always choose from, and they are human hair and synthetic wig. This article is focused on natural-looking wigs, so your best pick is human hair. Why choose human hair? The human hair wig looks more like natural human hair; it can fall, swing, and be styled the same way as natural/virgin hair. In addition, the human hair wig can be blow-dried, curled, and ironed.  


Compared to synthetic wigs, human hair is more expensive; this may or may not be an advantage of the synthetic wig over human hair based on your budget. Although you may find synthetic hair close to a natural look, nothing beats a human hair wig. 


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There are different types of human hair wigs: lace front wigs, full lace wigscurly human hair wigs, and many others that will be discussed later in this article. 

The ultimate guide to choosing a natural-looking wig 


There are three factors to consider when purchasing a wig. These factors determine how the wig looks on you. These factors include: 

  • Face shape 
  • Sizing 
  • Cap installation 


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Face shape 


Whether you are choosing a wig for a client or your personal use, the shape of the face of the wearer is essential. Wearing a different wig shape from your face shape will make it evident that you are wearing a wig. Everyone's face is different; A person's face shape might be more apparent than others. To get the correct shape of the face, take a look at the form of the face right from the hairline to the chin. 


The different shape of the face includes:   

  • Diamond-shaped face 
  • Heart-shaped face 
  • Oval shaped face 
  • Round shaped face 
  • Pear-shaped face 
  • Square shaped face 



Selecting the wrong wig size may cause the wig to look loose or too tight, which may cause the wig to look out of place on the wearer. Either way, it makes it obvious that it is a wig, and we don't want that. The wearer must carry out three forms of measurement to successfully choose a wig, and they include: 


  • Size around the head from the hairline at the forehead, behind the ears round to the napes of the necks 
  • Measure from the top of the head (i.e., the hairline) to the skull base. 
  • This measurement is from one ear to the other over the head. 

Sizes range of the three measures ranges from mini petite, petite, average, large and extra-large 

Cap installation 


The quality and construction of the cap play a vital role in how the wig looks. Although the cap is not visible to the human eye (i.e., it is beneath the wig), a poor installation would make it obvious the wearer wears a wig. The different wig caps include lace caps, hand-stitched monofilament caps, open cap wefts, and traditional wefts. 

Wigs that are most natural to wear  

Human hair wigs can be classified based on their lace fronts, hair texture, and lace color. 

Based on lace fronts 


  1. Lace front wigs 

Lace front wigs are the best-selling wig in the market because the lace front gives the wig a natural hairline look. The human hair lace front wig is made of baby hair; the hairline looks like the edges of the natural human hair. The wig part that looks like the skin is made of elastic mechanical mesh, and it must have the same color as that of the wearer's skin. The flexible mesh is well blended with the skin so that other people can barely recognize that the wearer is on a wig. 

  1. Full lace wigs 


The lace of the full lace wigs is fully covered with hair, unlike the lace front wig. The full lace requires a different kind of glue and a stronger bond when compared to the lace front wigs. An advantage of the full lace wigs is they have more substantial wear and tear over resistance which means they last longer. 

Based on hair texture 


1. Curly human hair wig 


Curly human hair wigs in both lace front and full lace gives the impression that the wearer is wearing their natural virgin hair. The curls make the wearer pretty and compliment their beauty. 

2. Straight human hair wig:

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As a wig lover, you probably have this in your collection. Straight human hair is the primary and standard wig. It gives the wearer a sharp and fierce look. An advantage of the purified human hair wig is, it can be restyled into different shapes and colors. 


3. Human hair bob wig 

Bob Wig

Wig Above: Taylor Unit

The bob hair wig can be made into different lengths, but shorter lengths have become the most popular. The bob look is that look every woman wants to try out. This wig gives a very unique and sexy look to the wearer. 

4. 613 blonde human hair wigs 


We bet you must have seen this look on your favorite celebrity this year. The blonde look isn't going anywhere anytime soon 

5. Natural wave human hair wigs 


The natural wave hair has a texture that is between that of straight hair and bushy curly hair.  

Based on color 

The choice of a human hair wig is based on the color or race of the wearer. The different skin tones range from very fair to fair to medium to olive to brown and dark brown. It is your job to find the perfect lace color for your skin tone. This is important because other people would notice a slight difference in skin tone and lace color. 



We have come to the end of the article; what was your favorite part of it? Can you make a list that includes your face shape, size, and the kind of wigs you would like to try? 

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