Getting a hair perm gives your hair some kind of temporary beauty that could make you want to perm again and again to retain that beauty. Thing is, the more you perm, the greater the danger your hair is in. 

The definition of the word perm is a bit scary when it's looked at in the first place, it involves using chemically induced heat to break the cross-linking bonds of the hair, and using same chemicals to reform it.  

You see, perms are made up of strong chemicals including ammonium thioglycolate, that's a lot of chemicals put into the hair of a human, and made to sit on the hair for a while, just to get the desired perm, either straight or curly. 

Some (not all) relaxers contain lye, which is a chemical so caustic it burns when touched on the skin. This is why some relaxers start creating a burning sensation on the scalp after being left on for a long time.  

When a perm takes place in your hair, the chemical properties of your hair are tampered with and changed to suit the style of the perm.  

Thinking of perming your hair? look at these dangers first, before you make the decision, then maybe ask yourself if the risk is at all worth it.  

  • A scalp burn, and infection:

For a good perm to be achieved, you have to let the chemical sit in your hair for a while. Keep in mind that these chemicals are touching your scalp while you wait. Now, in most cases, they set a timer, while in other cases, you have to feel a burning sensation on your scalp, for you to know that it is time to wash off that perm. At the time you're feeling that burn, it is evident that the chemicals have penetrated your scalp. In extreme cases, you might end up with is scalded scalp, that would become sore eventually, and might just start bringing out pus. At this point, you should be sure your scalp is infected and you might need medical attention to fix that. This should be should be avoided if possible.  

In cases where the scalp did not burn, constant perming leaves your scalp open for infections to take placethese infections cause itching, and brings a tiny pimple like rashes, that will eventually spread as the itching does. In the process of itching these pimples like rashes, you might year them open, creating sores on your scalp that would have been better avoided. That is a lot of discomforts, way too much for a temporary beautification.  

  • Hair breakage:

These chemicals, when infused in your hair, they take away the natural moisture, making your hair dry, and thin the hair strands such that after a while, you put a comb in your hair, and it goes snap as the hair is already brittle. This can ruin your hair growth, as it already tampering with the hair length.  

  • Balding and hair loss:

As perming continues, your hair might break at the ends or have split ends, or they can begin to fall off. If the hair follicle is already weak and these chemicals have successfully damaged the scalp, because of this damage you just might begin to have bald patches. Just alongside the massive hair loss, this might not be easy to get back from, you might need to cut your hair completely at this point if you ever have any intention of regaining your hair and it's original texture before the perming and the hair loss that followed happened. Or worse still, have to inject steroids into the bald patches to spur hair growth again. 

Quick Tip*: Ponytails are a great way to give your hair a break from wigs and perms!

  • Stunted hair growth:

Your hair cannot grow, when there is continuous breakage, split ends, and less moisture, because it's no longer healthy, and only healthy hair can grow. Perming does a number on your hair growth, you will not be pleased with the long term results. *(Use Protective Styles like Wigs or Customized Units)*


  • Gives frizzy ends:

People chop of frizzy ends off weaves, because they are ugly, now imagine your hair having frizzy ends. When a frizzy hair happens because of perming, you're stuck with the option of constantly trimming the frizzy ends until they are all gone, because apart from how unhealthy and unkempt frizzy ends will make a hair look, they are also going to  stop the hair from growing, because frizzy ends are literally dead and without the ability to take in nutrients when the hair is undergoing treatments.  

  • Weakens the hair:

A perm tampers with the protein bonds of the hair, weakening the hair and leaving it to the danger of breaking, cutting, and in extreme cases, falling off.  

  • Can affect the hair color:

Sometimes, a perm can change the color of your hair, this is not in all cases. Usually to a brighter shade of the actual color of the hair. This is most prevalent in African American hair textures.  


       If you take a look at these dangers, you'd realize that the risk is not worth it. One of the best options is wearing weave preferably Dellaroseofficial for guaranteed quality, because in most cases your natural hair texture will never return.



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