A Dellarose Raffle Giveaway

How would you like the opportunity to WIN OVER A 5000$ WORTH OF PRODUCTS FROM THE BIGGEST BRANDS OUT THERE... Simply by making someone else's life a tiny bit easier?

This Christmas, choose the gift of giving: Help a single mom have a happier holiday with her family, and you'll have a chance of winning the $5000+ items you’ve ALWAYS wanted!



We'll give you a few seconds to recollect your thoughts and think about the most sought-after Christmas presents every year since the early 2000s.


...Done yet?


If your thoughts immediately went to:


  • Apple, the innovators of technology and sleek designs, and their pretty white packaging sitting wrapped under your Christmas tree...
  • Gucci, the classiest bags of them all, dream of every woman who loves fashion (and, let's be honest, of those who don't as well)
  • Dellarose Hair, the highest quality hair replacements that make every woman look like the QUEEN she really is without putting in any effort…


Then congratulations, you read our minds!


Gone are the days where a scented body cream or a pair of socks could do the trick.

Of course, wholesome gifts are still cute and thoughtful... But nobody would turn off something from this list we just made, would they?


Think about the people in your life that deserve the best:


Wouldn't your son be amazed at the sight of a shining Macbook Air under the tree?

Or wouldn’t your niece/daughter who loves music be the happiest with a pair of Airpods?

What about your husband and his fitness obsession- Wouldn't he appreciate an Apple Watch to play with?


And last but not least, let's not forget about the most important person in your life, either: YOU!


How would you feel to treat yourself to that Gucci bag you’ve wanted for so long, but couldn’t find an excuse to justify its price?


Imagine how you’d look with our Dellarose hair extensions, rocking your favorite hair looks every day without the hassle of styling it every morning.


You deserve all this and more! So why not treat yourself… and do some good at the same time?


Well, today you have a chance of ACTUALLY unwrapping one of those items (and much more, don't worry, we made a list) without flushing your wallet down the toilet.


You heard that right! By participating in our raffle, you can have a shot at winning your favorite premium designer items while also making your holidays a lot more meaningful!


How? By giving back to the fighters of our community, the single moms that are wishing for a happier holiday season for themselves and their families.


Yes, you get to win your favorite items AND help out at the same time!


Here’s how it works:


We want to give back to you, our clients, by giving you the chance to win amazing items that will make your holidays a lot more exciting, while also giving back to single moms in our community.


Signing up takes only a few minutes and will only cost you just $20- Everyone will have an equal chance of winning our amazing prizes!


Items include:

  • A brand new Gucci bag
  • A 2021 Macbook Air (Rose Gold)
  • A set of stunning Dellarose hair
  • A piece of our Dellarose merch
  • Apple Airpods
  • Apple Watch


…And tons more surprises and valuable gifts!


So let’s recap: You’ll be able to win the items you’ve always wanted at less than 5% of the original price, look effortlessly fabulous for the holidays, and make your new year a lot more meaningful by donating to those in need.


Why should you do this?


Because being a single mom in today’s world is more difficult than ever! Just imagine being forced to put on a smiling face and work your face off every single day, taking care of a family, providing emotional support to others when you need it the most, and having little to no time for yourself.


They will have to work 10-hour shifts when everybody else is enjoying a Christmas dinner with their families. They also won’t be able to get their children the gifts they’ve been dying for… don’t you think they also deserve to have a merry Christmas?


This is why we’re choosing to help them this year… and we want you in!


We’re so excited for the raffle to begin on the 25th all the way to the 31st for a total of 7 days, and 100% of all the proceeds we make will go to a credible, trustworthy charity that helps single moms have happier holidays.


What are you waiting for? Grab your entry now!



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